How to increase the amount of vocabulary you have effectively and remember them easily?

Today, I’m going to share to you one of the most effective way to remember words. Have you been memorizing a list of words and yet you forget them after a couple of days or weeks? This kind of situation is very true for almost all of us who want to expand our vocabulary bank.

I’d like to let you know that memorizing words is the least effective way.

There are many ways to learn new words but today I will share to you the proven and an effective way to increase the amount of words you have and remember them easily but before I would do that, let me explain to you first why memorizing individual words is not the best way to acquire new words.

I firmly believe that you already have tried this method and I am sure you know that it doesn’t work. One of the reasons is that there are so many words to study and to memorize one by one. However, the principal reason is that our brain learns the fastest by doing something much easier. And now, I’ll let you know  the effective way of learning new words which is by reading and listening to the things you can understand. In other words, you read and listen to the things you enjoy the most. When you do this, you’ll read and listen more, for you have fun with it. You may not remember all of them or many of them after encountering them once or twice but here’s what you don’t see: every time you encountered a word or words in what you are reading , seeing, or hearing, your brain learns something of what the word means and the next time you see the word again, you’ll learn more about that word.

So, by reading and listening more, you would have learned the word effectively. According to a study, reading allows you to learn new words of about 10 words an hour. As you can see, this is a way faster than memorizing words one by one.

To sum up, you will learn all the words you want to know by just reading and listening.

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